Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Investec Challenge Series opponents named for 2010

Southern Hemisphere giants to visit Twickenham.
The RFU have announced that England will play four back-to-back Investec Challenge test matches in November & December 2010. The matches will be at Twickenham Stadium against Australia, Samoa, South Africa & New Zealand.


With expatriots ranging from over 200 different nationalities, Dubai is truely one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.
Owing to the resource and foreign enterprise located in Dubai, a rich and diverse mix of cultures, has seen Dubai evolve into one of the most vibrant and exciting places to be.
Dubai is extremely well known for its warm hospitality and rich cultural heritage, and the Emirati people are welcoming and generous in their approach to visitors.
While Arabic is the official language, English is very widely spoken, especially in business. Given the large size of the expatriate population, several other languages are also used in everyday life, including Hindi, Urdu and Farsi.

Cologne Travel Guide

COLOGNE is situated on the river Rhein in North Rhine-Westphalia and is the fourth largest city in Germany. Cologne's very name bears witness to its Roman past as the town of Colonia. The city has an extremely lively arts and culture scene and it is known as the "capital of Rhenish joie de vivre".

Cologne is Germany's oldest city and, until the 19th century, the grandest - a status still reflected in the scores of spires that serrate its skyline, and its massive cathedral, or Dom. Cologne, like most areas of Germany, has its very own local dialect of German, though this is improbable to hinder the average sight-seeing tourist.

As many cities in Germany, Cologne was bombarded during the World War II. All the buildings of the Altstadt were damaged and the reconstruction process brought to light a period of Cologne's history that had been a mystery for centuries. This evidence showed that Cologne was an important city during the Christian era.

In Cologne there is so much to see, from the old Roman towers to the modern opera house, it is gradually becoming the fine-art capital of Germany. Cologne spoils its visitors: it heaps on the magnificent architecture, splendid museums, superb theatre and concerts, excellent dance clubs, and enormous department stores, and then, if that wasn't enough, it heaps some great food and beer on top.

As a matter of fact, Cologne is one of Germany’s leading gastronomic lights, from venerable breweries offering unique K├Âlsch beer and typical Cologne delicacies to first-class restaurants - boasting well in excess of 3000 public houses, restaurants and breweries.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Offering everything from the conventional to the extravagant, from the serene to the surreal there is no shortage of things that will entertain you in Dubai .
Either on desert safari or partaking in a moonlight Arabian barbeque, there is a seemingly endless supply of things to do in Dubai .
  • Cinemas
  • City Tours
  • Zoos
  • Cruises
  • Theatres
  • Art Galleries
  • Traditional Markets
  • Photographic Surroundings
  • Creek Tours
  • Aerial Tours
  • Shopping
  • Water Sports
  • Motor Sports
  • Equestrian and Camel Racing
  • Parks
  • Beaches
  • Golf Courses
  • Fishing
  • Desert Feasts
  • Historical Tours

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sportsworld don their 'sportswear' for Sport Relief!

On Friday 19th March (the start of the official Sport Relief weekend) the Sportsworld office donned their sportswear to raise money for Sport Relief.

The 'strict' brief, all in aid of charity of course, was to either wear your sports clothes to work for the day or to come as your sporting hero. How exhilarating!

The team did not disappoint! Amusing sights included a deep sea diver in wetsuit and flippers, our female equestrian 'star' in jodhpurs, boots and spurs (she lost her horse on the way), Andre Agassi, Valentino Rossi in full leathers, helmet and accompanying shades, cricketers, footballers, tennis players and basically all other sports in-between. The only 'rules' were pay £2 for the privilege or £4 if forgotten (and yes, there were some!).
A cake sale, baked with love by members of the team, raised more money (if not calories) and a company sweepstake on the Cheltenham Gold Cup which ran during the afternoon. What a sporting bunch we are!
At the end of the day we raised an impressive £110 which will be spent by Comic Relief to help transform the lives of poor and vulnerable people, both at home and across the world’s poorest countries.

It will also go towards Thomson Sport's fundraising target to raise £500,000 for Sport Relief. As our sister company and official Sport Relief sponsor for 2010, the whole TUI Group are pulling together to rise to the challenge.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Home to the world's only 7 Star Hotel, Dubai offers an ever increasing range and variety of luxurious hotels, to suit any taste, style or requirement.
Holidaying with the family or on a business trip alone, Dubai has a range and variety of hotels to cater to your every need. Kids club facilities, are available at many hotels, and with hotels ranging from the extravagant and lush 7 Star Al-Burj to a large choice of 5 to 1 Star hotels. A host of budget hotels is also widely available.
An ever increasing and popular choice of furnished and unfurnished apartments is also available to suit all visitors to Dubai.
Whether you decide to stay in the spacious colourful rooms of a grand hotel or in the chic surroundings of a luxury apartment, your stay in Dubai is sure to be unforgettable.

Berlin Travel Guide

BERLIN is the largest city in Germany and it is best known for its historical associations as the German capital. It offers a wonderful combination of history, night life, architecture and culture. Berlin has modest beginnings, but over time it grew into a European powerhouse and since reunification in 1990 it became into a dynamic and creative city.

Berlin has wonderful sights although it is not as centralized or small as other European cities. It is also known as one of the greenest cities in Europe: over 60% of its surface area is either a park or a river, it is beautiful! Berlin is also an industrial city; key industries such as electronics, manufacturing and information technology reflect the hopes for a brighter future for the city.

In Berlin, you will find the leisure time activities that you would find in every big city all over the world, and in the city limits there are numerous recreational areas, nature reserves and parks. You can find a lot of amazing things simply strolling along one of its fascinating streets. Berlin is a city that thrives on change and that has made a virtue out of reinventing itself s one of Europe’s finest capitals.